Tunisia has been always  a bridge between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, just in its relations with the European Union, Tunisia has already imposed itself since 2008 as a pioneering trading partner and first country on the African continent to sign a free trade agreement.

An emerging and dynamic country, Tunisia is distinguished by overly competitive production costs. It offers foreign investors particularly favorable conditions for settling in: high-level skills, a skilled workforce, buildings fitted out with moderately priced rents, low-cost industrial energy, parks economic activities offering, by their geographical and port position, ideal access routes for activities intended for export.

Incorporation of Company :

For « turnkey businesses  services » the following steps would be done by CFRAUDIT teams:

  • Checking of company’s name availability with the National Enterprises Registration RNE
  • Collecting documentation, information and relevant signatures from the company
  • Drafting, notarizing and filing the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Drafting, notarizing and filing the Incorporation deed;
  • Drafting, notarizing and filing proxies and requested declarations;
  • Declaration of the beneficial owners
  • Publication of the company’s incorporation and its bylaws, memorandum and articles of association in the official gazette of the National Enterprises Registration RNE;
  • Registration of the company with the Country Companies Registrar;
  • Collection of the company seal and registration certificate.
  • Registration of the company for corporate income tax, VAT and the social security authority
  • License requirements (if applicable)
  • Corporate banking account opening

Legal and Tax Domiciliation :

  • Provision of a registered address for legal domiciliation of the company and to receive couriers addressed to the business;
  • Provision of a virtual office service for the mail, phone, call and fax forward.

Logistics Services in Tunisia :

Local and foreign companies planning to set up in Tunisia will benefit from various value-added services :

  • Logistic assistance during the realization of the project.
  • Geographical choice of localization
  • Rationalization of tax and premiums
  • Technical studies at the request of the company.
  • Assistance in recruiting staff.
  • Nominee director (active or passive) : official representation and administrative/legal management of the company (convening general meetings, presiding and signing board meetings, contractual documents etc …)

Access to foreign markets :

CFRAUDIT makes available to the investors, in consultation with the Center for the Promotion of Exports (CEPEX), all the support programs aimed at strengthening the capacities of companies established in Tunisia with the aim of increasing their exports.

Visa Application :

  • Application for work permits
  • Legal advice on the optimum visa type
  • Follow with the authorities to smoothen the visa approval process

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