Outsourcing of administrative services (back / front office)

Tasks to be assigned to us : These are the following time-consuming tasks: Customer relationship management: Quote tracking Tracking accounts receivable Customer order tracking Tracking invoices and other business documents Tracking deliveries Settlement monitoring Customer follow-up Business management Management of the supplier…

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Procedures Guide of CFR AUDIT

The advantages of accounting outsourcing : The procedures must be: Quick and therefore clear access Of a current reading, and therefore concrete; Of an explicit content, and therefore precise; Continuously updated, and therefore realistic. Procedure Manual: CFR AUDIT Approach Our approach is…

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Outsourcing of Payroll CFR AUDIT

The advantages of payroll outsourcing: The control of the risks associated with constantly changing legislation. Compliance with reporting obligations. The protection of the payroll management process. Save time. The choice of the outsourcer A company that is struggling due to internal problems…

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Business valuation CFR AUDIT

Why Should you Evaluate your Business ? An entrepreneur starts a business. At first he/she is able to handle all the tasks, but the company is growing and there is a need to put another person on the team. Due to the…

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Outsourcing of accounting

What is accounting outsourcing? Three phases of work are required at a professional accountant’s office in order to achieve better accounting management. The first phase consists of collecting the accounting data through recording invoices, bank and cash movements, salaries as well as…

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Consolidation procedures in Tunisia

What are the consolidation procedures? Consolidation is a technique for collecting the accounts of several entities with common interests while preserving its legal personality. CFR AUDIT Approach in Tunisia: Our approach of consolidation procedure includes the following phases: Determining the scope of…

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Ingenierie financiere

Business incorporation / Registration

Tunisia has been always  a bridge between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, just in its relations with the European Union, Tunisia has already imposed itself since 2008 as a pioneering trading partner and first country on the African continent to sign…

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Levée de fonds

Fundraising in Tunisia

Any economic entity, whether mature, emerging, or start up, in the stage of reconstruction or diversification, may seek external funds. Fundraising intends primarily high-potential companies and innovative businesses. Investors are interested in the future value of the company. The objective is to…

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Audit financier

Financial Audit with OAC

There are four types of financial audit missions which are: Legal or contractual financial audit : It is a mission at the end of which the auditor expresses an opinion with high but not absolute assurance as to the qualifiers of a…

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Normes internationales comptables IFRS

International Accounting Standards IFRS AND IPSAS

What are IFRS? International financial reporting standards (IFRS) are a number of standards that aim to standardize the presentation of the international exchange of accounting data. The IFRS were edited by the International Accounting Standards Board, designated under its English initials IASB.…

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